A 60 second doc about a bass player from Bemidji, Minn.

'Pool Party'
A project made for my video editing class. The goal was to assemble the story using footage from multiple angles and takes following director and story board notes.


'Veggie Fried Rice'
An assignment for a media production class. Shot and edited by me.

Edited using shots from multiple angles and takes. Applied stock sound effects for action scenes.


'Rail River Folk School'
A news report on a Bemidji, Minn, business written, shot and edited by me for Northern Student-TV at Bemidji State University.

Edited for a class assignment following a script using pre-produced audio and video files to tell the story in 60 seconds.

'2020: A teacher's perspective'
Made for a teachers appreciation day assignment. Shot and edited by me using stock and original footage.

'Eclectic Electric'
Interview with Bemidji, Minn, guitar instructor Lou Samsa.

'Pick Up Bemidji'
Shot and edited by me.

Beer commercial written by me for a class.


Xtreme Gingerbread Challenge
A video I produced to accompany a story I wrote for the Alexandria Echo Press about a gingerbread house building challenge at the local library.

Shot and edited for a class at Bemidji State University.

Douglas County Fair: A Series
Shot and edited for the Alexandria Echo Press.


'Light Up the Night'
Produced for the Echo Press for the best holiday lights display in the area.