Profile Piece- Hannah (2015)

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Thalen Zimmerman

Intro to Media Writing


Profile- H.C.

Clear blue skies surrounded them; the lake below them reflected the sun from above them, the sound of the propeller vibrating the single-engine plane. Not a worry in the world. Suddenly, a wall of rain surrounded them. Their position began to fluctuate up and down dramatically; rain pounded the metal framing, making it impossible to hear. Death instantly came into Hannah's mind. She’s seen this in movies; she knows the worst outcome. “What's going to happen” were the only words she could utter to herself. But Looking over at her father, she noticed he wasn’t panicked at all; in fact, he was as calm as ever. Suddenly the clear blue skies appeared again; she knew they were going to be okay. That was Hannah Chandler’s first experience co-piloting a plane with her father.

In Tamarack hall’s study room, on the third floor, wearing worn-out-faded-blue jeans, brown steel-toe work boots, a camo sweatshirt, and a black baseball cap held her messy dark ponytail poking out the back was H.C. She sat across from me with her arms crossed and her legs propped up on the table. She looked at me with a half-grin half stern look, reminiscing over the story she just told me about the plane ride. She was confident yet uncomfortable; she isn’t used to opening up to anyone about her personal life.

C, is a freshman at BSU this year, pursuing a major in psychology. “I want to figure out what people think, and how their brains work, why they choose the things they do.” She doesn’t want a career in psychology, just the knowledge of knowing why people do what they do. She would like to end up working as a paramedic, so she has the opportunity to help people who need it.

C. grew up in Grand Rapids, MN. She and her two brothers, one, her twin brother and the other an older brother by three years, were raised by their father. Growing up, she learned to become one of the boys. There was more work than play in her household. “My father never had time for that girly crap; I was hauling wood when I should have been playing with dolls.” For fun, if she wasn’t taking flying lessons from her father, she was out hunting or racing her brothers on ATVs. Being the only girl in a family of outdoor boys, she definitely learned how to adapt and become more independent.

Her mother left her and her brothers when she was just thirteen years old. “She chose a life of drugs and alcohol over her own daughter; I didn’t need that in my life.” H.C. retorted, “Even though she left, she did still keep in contact; she didn’t want to be around for the parenting part. But when I was thirteen years old, and she told me I was the biggest mistake in her life over the phone, That’s when I decided to cut her out from my life completely, and we haven't spoken to each other since.” Even though growing up for her was less than expected, she wouldn’t change any of it. “I wouldn’t change one thing at all about my life; even though it sucks sometimes, it made me who I am, and I’m proud of that.”

C. grew up fast; she had to. Her brothers have each been to juvie three times, both have multiple DUI’s on their record, and both are under the age of twenty-five. She, however, has a clean sheet, and she intends to keep it that way. By learning from the mistakes of people around her, she could make a better life for herself. She knows to succeed in life; you have to work for it because nothing in this life is free. She takes the world as it is and accepts it for that. “I believe it is good in everyone, but it only takes one time to screw me over, and I lose all faith in you.”

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