Profile Piece- Eli (2015)

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Thalen Zimmerman

Media Writing II


Eli Glover, Drummer

It was an early summer evening when an old Jeep Cherokee made its way to the third gig of the week. Typical usage of the family jeep. Reaking of stale cigarettes and cheap cologne. Filled to max capacity with amplifiers, cables, a bass, and an excited family of four. This family ate, slept, and breathed music. The youngest was no different, a “frizz” headed boy who was hitting his father's headrest with a pair of drum sticks. He kept almost perfect time with the music on the radio, no matter what song came on. The boys’ name, Eli Glover, age five.

Eli was born in Rochester, MN, raised until 18. After high school, he moved up to Bemidji to study wildlife biology at Bemidji State University to feed his love of nature. Eli lives off-campus with his bandmates in a house that he refers to as merely “The Studio.” Eli presents himself as a cool, laid-back character that takes life with ease and is always looking for a good time. Eli was wearing a black cutoff shirt that showed off his tattoos on his left shoulder and right forearm, a man entering a five-point star portal, a tribute to the Rush album “2112”, and four symbols that represent the four members of Led Zeppelin. Wrapped around his head was a tie-dye Grateful Dead headband that was failing to keep his signature “Frizz Ball” hair doo; it was a striking resemblance to Robert Plant’s hair (Lead singer of Led Zeppelin). “Welcome to mi Casa,” Eli said. The room we interviewed in had a stack of multiple amps and guitars and two drum sets, all pushed into a corner to most likely clear some space, and a tower of vinyl records shadowed almost over us. The environment breathed music.

Music was never absent in Eli’s life; since day one, Eli has been exposed to it. His father was a working musician most of Eli’s life, “Some of my earliest memories are slapping sticks on the headrest of my dad’s beat-up Jeep, going to and from gigs with him,” Eli recalled.

Eli’s mother, although not a musician, had a significant influence on his love for music. “She has probably the best ear for music out of anyone I know. She was always exposing me to new bands and just different types of music,” Eli remarked on his mother.

Eli said right away that he understood rhythm and keeping a beat from a very young age. Eli can hear a song and almost instantly pick up the drum patterns and then mimic the drumming. “Drumming was something I’ve always just felt, you put sticks in my hands, and I just knew what to do,” Eli said. Eli’s parents noticed this, and for Christmas, he received his first full-size drum set; he was only five years old. Eli says it still holds the title of his most favorite Christmas gift and still has it today.

Eli never had a band, and he only briefly worked was involved with the school band. Eli would jam with random dudes from school, but there was one that’s been with him since the beginning, Casey Fague. “My heterosexual life mate Casey, me and that dude make music!” Eli remarked on Casey.

Casey is the current bass player of Eli’s band and has been with him since diapers. They even moved to Bemidji together. When I asked Casey his thoughts about Eli and his playing, he said, “Oh man, Gator don’t play no shit.” “Gator” is Eli’s nickname in the band, reason unknown. Eli and Casey already had a solid rhythm section, but now they need a solid guitarist. Enter Jeremy.

When Eli and Casey moved to Bemidji, they both got jobs at the local dominos. Eli refers to himself as “The raddest pizza slinger in town.” Dominos is where they met their guitarist Jeremy who also happened to have a great blues voice. After talking music one day at work, they decided to plan a time to get together and jam, and jam they did. The group had instant chemistry. “Eli is a very cool guy that knows how to keep in time and runs a tight rhythm section,” Jeremy remarked. And with Casey playing his funky bass and Jeremy with his blues voice and clean playing, they were all set to be a band.

The bands’ “gigs” consist of mostly garage-style concerts, or more merely, just playing at “the studio” for their close friends. Eli really enjoys jamming with his band and performing for his buddies, but he is also looking into the future. Eli wants the band to work on creating their own music and getting them recorded. “ I don’t really care if we make money or anything; I just want to make music and share it with as many as I can,” Eli remarked on the future. Eli hopes in the end that music never leaves him and that he will have a kid “slapping sticks” against his headrest.

. “Music can soothe the soul, man. When you’re having one of those days, music takes you away and puts you exactly where you need to be.” -Eli Glover.

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