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Tamarack Still Missing Their Couch

By: Thalen Zimmerman

Bemidji -- One of Tamarack Hall's 12th floor couches has gone missing. Last seen on Sun, Feb 13th, the couch has yet to be found.

RA’s spoke with the students from their floors after summing on of them might have borrowed the couch. The RA’s were unsuccessful with getting information on its whereabouts.

After meeting with a couple of students from the third floor, most of them informed me the couch was last seen outside of the third-floor elevator on Sunday morning.

“I just walked out of my bedroom, and I saw it by the elevator,” Taylor Barkdoll, of third-floor Tamarack,. “I walked by a while later, and it was gone.”

Jeri McDonald, another resident of Tamarack third floor, stated. “I noticed it was put into the study room while later, it was gone.”

Public Safety has yet to comment.

We can only hope the couch will be returned to its rightful place and fill the empty space on the 12th floor.

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