Storytelling is my passion. 


 My name is Thalen Zimmerman. I'm a writer, photographer, videographer, podcaster and all-around storyteller.

Growing up in the small farming town of Kensington, MN, pushed me into the lifesaving grips of stories. From books and movies to my parent's narration of their nostalgic recollections, stories were the life raft that saved me from drowning in the sea of boredom saturating the town. 

I loved telling stories myself, and it wasn't long until I knew I wanted to spend my life telling my own. 

In 2021, I graduated with a B.S. degree in Mass Communication from Bemidji State University. I learned the fundamentals of news writing and some creative writing, how to produce and edit videos and photos and audio production for radio. 


On the marketing side of the degree, I created business models for existing and fictional companies and learned how to market them.


After school, I interned as a reporter for the Echo Press of Alexandria. A newspaper for a town just 20 minutes from where I grew up. I wrote news and feature stories while producing photography and video to help visualize the story. 

After three months, I was hired as a full-time reporter. 

Today I am still with the Echo and was promoted to Media Content Manager about five months into my full-time status.


Along with my reporter duties, I am responsible for keeping our website and social media platforms up to date, working with SEOs and using analytics to identify trends.  I also produce two original podcasts for the company, which can be heard on major streaming platforms.


On the side, I offer freelance work in photography, videos, designs, website development, resume writing and website management. 

Feel free to contact me if you require the work listed above. 

Let me do what I love and tell your story.